Barcode and GS1-128
pallet label verification

Do you need your barcodes and labels verified, but you don't have an ISO/ANSI compliant verifier? Have you encountered problems with printed barcodes or do you just want a quality check to avoid fines?
Axicode will do the verification for you, quick and easy.


You will need to submit the form to receive a reference number. The reference number has to be attached to the physical package or e-mail containing the barcode/label before sending it to Axicode.


After receiving the barcodes, electronically or psychically, Axicode verifies the barcodes according to the ISO/ANSI and GS1 standards, to document whether the barcodes are correct, readable and of good quality. The verification is performed within 24 hour after receiving the barcodes on normal business days.


Axicode generates an electronic report and a professional explanation of any problems and a possible solution suggestion. You can choose to have this report in English or Danish language. The report will be send to you by e-mail.


Verification of GS1-128 pallet labels (max. three barcode).


Price 94.00 EUR


Verification of general barcodes

1 barcode - price 80.00 EUR

2-5 barcodes - price per barcode 66.00 EUR

6-10 barcodes - price per barcode 59.00 EUR


If you want a re-verification after you have corrected the errors – we offer this service with a 50 % discount of the normal price. The re-verification box must be ticked and the former reference number must be registered. The re-verification is only valid within 5 working day after the first verification.


Axicode will invoice you regardless of the verification result.


The prices is ex. tax.

Payment terms. Net 30 days.

Prices are regulated yearly 1/1

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